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Immune Health



When it comes to immune health, a healthy adult should get approximately one to two colds per year.  School-aged children usually experience a few more colds and flues during the year, than the average adult, due to the “bugs” they are exposed to daily from other children.  Signs that your immune system is not functioning optimally would be an increased frequency of colds or flues compared to your peers, or symptoms that seem to last longer than those of others around you.  


There are many potential causes of immune system dysfunction, such as nutritional deficiencies, allergies (food or environmental), stress, overuse of antibiotics, poor gut health, environmental toxicity and autoimmune disease.  Dr. Hitkari, Naturopathic Physician can help you boost your immunity and decrease your incidences colds and flu by determining the cause of the immune system dysfunction, through collecting a medical history and laboratory work; and then, formulating an individualized treatment plan, which may include:


  • Nutritional and lifestyle modification

  • Herbal/botanical medicine

  • Minerals and vitamins

  • Allergy diagnosis

  • Intravenous therapy: Myer's cocktails, vitamin/mineral IV's, High dose Vitamin C IV (click here to learn more)

  • Immune boosting therapy: safe and effective therapy for infants, children, adults and the elderly (click here to learn more)

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